Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interfax-Ukraine — Poroshenko pledges to return Crimea to Ukraine

Putin has pledged the same about Russia. Collision course.

Interfax-Ukraine — Ukraine News Agency
Poroshenko pledges to return Crimea to Ukraine

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Bob Salsa said...

This is what it is about - Crimea is Russia's only warm water port and they want it to be contiguous within their borders. Making Ukraine a landlocked country with no hope of breaking free of energy dependence from Russia is a side benefit. It is why Putin supports Assad (Russia's naval base at Tartus) and making overtures to both Turkey and Greece. Putin cares as much about the ethnic Russians in Ukraine as he does for the people in Abkhazia - as long as it is convenient to him to appear to care, he will; once he's got what he wants, however, you're back to living in a s-hole.
This fundamental understanding is what makes all these Putin apologist blogs/posts bashing the West as being at fault not only naive but ridiculously funny.