Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Treasury Statement: The government's checkbook reveals amazing secrets about the economy and the markets

Everyone is familiar with their own checkbook, right? Deposits, withdrawals. How much did you spend today, this month or, for the entire year? And how much did you take in, in deposits?

Well did you know that the Federal Government of the United States makes its checkbook available each and every day, online, for free for everyone to see?

That's right, every single deposit and every single withdrawal...shown every single day.

You can literally see the billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions and even tens of trillions flowing into and out of the economy every single day, month and year!

Think about it...we get important economic reports every month, sometimes only every quarter (like GDP) and we're supposed to make investment decisions or forecasts based on that?

Yet here is a resource that practically nobody knows about that shows you exactly how much (in billions and even hundreds of billions, trillions even!) the government is pumping into and out of the economy EVERY SINGLE DAY! And did I mention...that PRACTICALLY NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS?

This is by far the most powerful, potent, concise, real-time piece of economic data you are going to find anywhere because it is these financial flows between the U.S. Treasury and the economy that drive EVERYTHING! And it is there for anyone who wishes to access it.

I have spent YEARS analyzing and examining and working with this information. I have built a database and spreadsheets that look at day to day, month to month and year to year patterns. I have used these numbers to create really accurate economic forecasts and better yet...models of market behavior for stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds...you name it.

On Saturday, Feb 28, I will be giving a 1-day seminar in how to access, understand and analyze the Daily Treasury Statement. If you have any interest in economic forecasting or trading and predicting market moves or are just plain curious about the trillions the government spends EACH MONTH (that's right...trillions), then you should take this course.

Sign up now because spots are going quickly. The cost is $225 and believe me, it is well worth it. Information like this will pay for itself many times over in short order.

Click below to sign up.

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