Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stephen Lendman on Trump

In one of Stephen Lendman's recent posts he almost endorses Trump if he stands against Hilary.  What he says in the post below is interesting. The world if full of very tough and often brutal people, but could Trump be tough enough to stand up to them? Many people hope so, and maybe he would like to go down in history as very effective president. Trump is a businessman and so hopefully he will view the other the power blocks in the world as trading partners rather than enemies. Let's hope so, because I what have read about what the Neocons have in store for us if they stay in power is chilling. It is an evil that is off the planet, the unthinkable is not unthinkable to them. And the war profiteers are there too

Anti-Trump NYT Blasts His Foreign Policy
by Stephen Lendman

He’s a serious presidential contender with unorthodox views on some issues - making him appear anti-establishment, worrying duopoly power brokers and media scoundrels supporting them.

Wide-ranging interviews with NYT and Washington Post editors, as well as opinions expressed separately, showed his foreign policy views differ considerably from other candidates.

“I want to get along with Russia,” he said, calling good relations “very good…I’d get along very well with Vladimir Putin.”

“I want to get along with all countries, and we will,” he said, calling his approach to world affairs “unabashedly noninterventionist.”

He opposes expensive worldwide nation-building projects while America’s infrastructure deteriorates.

He’s against massive US military buildups in Europe and East Asia. “We certainly can’t afford to do this anymore. NATO is costing us a fortune…”

“Why are we (risking) potentially (a) third world war with Russia?” He questions involvement in protecting allies like Japan and South Korea, wanting them to do more on their own.

US intervention abroad caused more problems than solutions, notably in the Middle East, he said.

“Every bad decision that you could make in the Middle East was made.” If Obama and Bush “just (went) to the beach and enjoyed the ocean and the sun, we would’ve been much better off…than all of this tremendous death, destruction, and…monetary loss. It’s just incredible,” he stressed.

He called NATO obsolete, preferring an alternative organization focusing on counterterrorism. He questioned  the benefit of America’s global empire of bases.

He called nuclear weapons “the biggest problem the world has,” saying he’d use them only as “an absolute last step,” instead of renouncing them altogether.

The New York Times is America’s leading establishment media organization - supporting policies favoring wealth and power interests exclusively.

It editors called Trump’s foreign policy views “dangerous babble,” uneasy about an administration under his stewardship curbing its warmaking appetite - hyping  nonexistent “Russia(n) aggressive movements in Ukraine and threats to the Baltics…”

Saying “this is no time (for) Washington” to restrain its global militarism. Trump’s views “are contradictory and shockingly ignorant.”

Times editors support US military involvement worldwide, its wars of aggression in multiple theaters.

They call today’s world “dangerous,” failing to explain Washington allied with Israel and other rogue states bear full responsibility for its deplorable state.

Trump if elected president will differ from traditional candidates largely in style. At the same time, if he favors more cooperation and less confrontation with other nations, “that’s a good thing” as he puts it in his own words.


lastgreek said...

You got to hand it to Trump. With his in-your-face lies, he puts most veteran politicians to shame.

Example: During the latest GOP town hall debate when he said he can't release his tax returns because he is being "audited." Total bullshit. (And yes, ignore CNN's online news headline that a letter from Trump's tax attorneys confirms that he's being audited. The letter does NOT say "audit." Pity CNN has no tax attorneys on its payroll.)

Unknown said...

Trump is viewed as an interloper by the establishment and as such, will be demonized by the American and Western MSM ad nauseam. The intensity of this demonization will only increase as his nomination becomes a fait accompli.

Trump is an unknown in the eyes of the neocons and the deep state and that presents a risk, to them.

On the other hand, HRC is a dyed in the wool neocon and a mindless neoliberal ideologue --- i.e. already a member of the club.

Geoff said...

Despite their best efforts, the MSM hasn't been able to nail Trump with the racist or fascist cards. However, the "sexist" attacks appear to be sticking. If the recent polls are accurate, it appears that Trump is losing momentum, especially with women.