Friday, December 2, 2016

Curt Mills — Panetta: Putin Wants To Restore the Soviet Union

Thank heaven HRC was defeated. This is off the wall. Panetta has lost the plot. 

Panetta would have played a major role in a Clinton restoration. Fortunately, he will play no role in the Trump adminstration. 

Even if Putin want to restore the USSR, the possibility of that is zero. Putin has his hands full keeping the Russian Federation afloat, fending off NATO, and countering jihadism.

Leon Panetta served as SecDef, CIA director and WH Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, where he learned the fine points of serving the military-industrial complex and broker power. 

People like him are serous liabilities for the future success of the Democratic Party. The Clintons and all associated with them need to be put out to pasture if the Democrats want to be competitive again.

US News
Panetta: Putin Wants To Restore the Soviet Union
Curt Mills


Calgacus said...

Here is what will happen

Kaivey said...

Fake news. And the MSM goes along with it. The propaganda is getting out of hand now. The whole planet could go up in smoke, but not a whisper from the MSM. Putin wants peace. See my new post. Let's hope Trump can reverse this.

Bob said...

Lenin lives!