Wednesday, December 14, 2016

digby — Trump's odd softness toward his greatest rival

Putin has the goods on Trump and is blackmailing him, you see. It's obvious, right?

The left is really becoming paranoid delusional.

Trump's odd softness toward his greatest rival


Noah Way said...

It's not the 'left' (a euphemistic description if ever there was one), it's the Deep State (military complex, intelligence services, their financiers and their media).

John said...

Noah Way got there before me. You can add "entertainers" like Michael Moore and Bill Maher who think themselves great intellectual and political commentators when they're nothing more than foolish liars and/or gullible idiots playing to their foolish and gullible viewers.

It's a very sad state of affairs when a democratically elected president is met with this idiocy and soft coup by self-styled intellectual entertainers and the deep state.

I think Trump is unhinged. So what? He fucking won, and against all the odds. I hope he unfucks himself and does a good job.