Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mark Hensch — Fox News host, Newsweek writer spar in heated segment

Uncivil war between Tucker Carlson and Kurt Eichenwald.

This is getting nasty. My Twitter feed is looking like this, too. It's amazing to see what people are really like in "challenging" conditions, just like a reality show. And DJT is right in the middle of it, tweeting away.

Actually, it's a lot more fun to watch this reality show that I had ever imagined. It's already exceeding my wildest expectations. An attempted soft coup in the United States led by the CIA. Who could have conceived that, but here is it unfolding right before our eyes.

We can look forward to a four year serial that no drama or comedy writer could have conceived, even on acid. No one has any idea of what the next segment will bring.

I expect it to be a combination of comedy, farce, high drama, and a thriller. But let's hope it doesn’t morph into a horror show.

The Hill
Fox News host, Newsweek writer spar in heated segment
Mark Hensch

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