Monday, December 12, 2016

Patrick J. Buchanan — Will Trump Defy John McCain and Marco Rubio?

In the campaign, Trump said he wanted to get along with Russia, to support all the forces inside Syria and Iraq fighting to wipe out ISIS and al-Qaeda, and to stay out of any new Middle East wars—like the disaster in Iraq—that have cost us “six trillion dollars.”
This is what America voted for when it voted for Trump—to put America First and “make America great again.” But War Party agitators are already beating the drums for confrontation with Iran.
Early in his presidency, if not before, Trump is going to have to impose his foreign policy upon his own party and, indeed, upon his own government. Or his presidency will be broken, as was Lyndon Johnson’s.
A good place to begin is by accepting the McCain-Marco challenge and nominating Rex Tillerson for secretary of state. Let’s get it on.
The American Conservative
Will Trump Defy John McCain and Marco Rubio?
Patrick J. Buchanan


GLH said...

Trump is now in midst of a heated battle with the CIA. He should be very careful and remember what the CIA did to JFK.

Matt Franko said...

Its on:

John said...

"...remember what the CIA did to JFK."

Be loyal and obey every order he gave because he was a demented maniac with an unquenchable bloodlust just like them.

Matthew Franko said...

"unquenchable bloodlust"

Hey sounds like zombie-lore here....

John said...

Just goes to show that real zombies do exist! The question is what is a live zombie called? Neoconservatives and liberal imperialists obviously fit the bill. Clearly, John Bolton and Samantha Power are cannibals. You can see how crazed they become when they're denied a war to satisfy their zombie tendencies.