Thursday, December 1, 2016

Patrick Maines — Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post — and the journalism it’s practicing

The Washington Post has for years been a newspaper that favors Democrats and liberalism generally. This has been seen in the kind and quality of issues covered, and not covered, in its feature and investigative stories, and in its editorials. But not until this year has the paper so grossly abandoned the practice of separating news from opinion in its news stories.
And that is something that, for all his distractions and grandeur, the Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos, must now correct — that or he needs to accept personally the decline and opprobrium that is coming the Post’s way.

Under normal circumstances the owner of a media company is best advised to steer clear of editorial matters, but that won’t work at the Post any longer. It’s become obvious that, with the election of Donald Trump, none of the editors at the paper can be trusted to uphold even the most basic of journalistic standards....
… why is the Post promoting them in stories like Timberg’s? Could it be because the Post’s editors are so flummoxed by the Trump phenomenon they are reduced to promoting even the most crackpot groups and individuals whose self-aggrandizing mission is to undo, or undermine the legitimacy of, Trump’s election?...
The Hill
Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post — and the journalism it’s practicing
Patrick Maines, Contributor, and president of The Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to freedom of speech, competitive communications policies, and journalistic excellence

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