Friday, December 2, 2016

Peter Lavelle — The mainstream media’s politics of illegitimacy

Trump won the election, but the mainstream acts as if the campaign continues. Its new goal is to de-legitimize Trump before he takes office, then later to de-legitimize his presidency. This is a childish, though dangerous strategy. It is a strategy that will only further the general disgust with the mainstream media and trust in democratic institutions.
The strategy that Trump should pursue is the same one he applied during the election and since: address the public directly via social media. Legacy demands it be the ultimate filter of news so it can shape and control the narrative (to serve its narrow interests). Trump needs to deny legacy media this all-important function. Let the mainstream media and their selfish backers continue to chatter among themselves – let them chatter themselves into oblivion.
The Duran
Peter Lavelle: The mainstream media’s politics of illegitimacy

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