Monday, December 5, 2016

Yves Smith — We Demand That The Washington Post Retract Its Propaganda Story Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites and Issue an Apology

As the lawyers like to say, res ipsa loquitur. Please tweet and circulate this letter widely. You will notice that our attorney Jim Moody is a seasoned litigator who has won cases before the Supreme Court. He has considerable experience in First Amendment and defamation actions. Past high profile representations include Westomoreland v. CBS and defending Linda Tripp.
I also hope, particularly for those of you who don’t regularly visit Naked Capitalism, that you’ll check out our related pieces that give more color to how the fact the Washington Post was taken for a ride by inept propagandists, particularly our introduction to our spoof site, which uses the PropOrNot project as an example of sorely deficient propaganda and shows where it went wrong, or the humor site itself. Be sure not to miss its FAQ.

We have another post today that describes how the few things that are verifiable on the PropOrNot site don’t pan out, as in the organization is not simply a group of inept propagandists but also appears to deal solely in fabrications. If the site is flagrantly false with respect to things that can be checked, why pray tell did the Washington Post and its fellow useful idiots in the mainstream media validate and amplify its message? Strong claims demand strong proofs, yet the Post appeared content to give a megaphone to people who make stuff up with abandon. No wonder the members of PropOrNot hide as much as they can about what they are up to; more transparency would expose their work to be a tissue of lies.

Naked Capitalism
We Demand That The Washington Post Retract Its Propaganda Story Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites and Issue an Apology
Yves Smith


Malmo's Ghost said...

Corporate news is fake news when the news is of a political nature. Left and right have always known this. Establishment left doesn't mind MSM fake news because they have been beneficiaries of the lies/propaganda spewed. On the other hand, alternative left hates MSM fake news as much as alternative right hates it, perhaps more. MSM knows they've been exposed, not in small part due to Wikileaks, and is attempting a counter offensive to combat the recalcitrant left and right. MSM can't win this battle. It's to late. Technology will see to that.

There are still many out there who hang on MSM's every word, but the numbers of these gullible folks is dwindling precipitously. Trump's election and maverick ways media wise has the MSM in its death throes. It's not if but when the the final nail in the MSM's coffin will be driven.

When it's all said and done Trump's biggest victory by far will be the dismantling of the so called Fourth Estate. Once complete it truly will be morning in America.

Matt Franko said...

All he has to do is have his FCC go full a la carte....