Friday, March 24, 2017

Brad DeLong — Caitlin MacNeal: Mulvaney: If Your State Doesn’t Mandate Maternity Care, Change Your State

I am starting to think that the politics in the US is so divisive ideologically that it may be necessary to subdivide with those more oriented toward the welfare state moving to places like the West Coast and New England, and those more oriented toward the market state moving to the South and West, with the Midwest proving a middle ground.

There would still be the question of funding, however, with the federal government as the currency issuer. Perhaps the way to deal with this is to break the US into several countries issuing their own currency and operating on different economic policy.

Otherwise permanent paralysis or even civil war? 

Actually, the US is returning to a political situation similar to that which led up to the Civil War.

Caitlin MacNeal: Mulvaney: If Your State Doesn’t Mandate Maternity Care, Change Your State
Brad DeLong | Professor of Economics, UCAL Berkeley


Unknown said...

No need to be so drastic as dissolution. People just need to accept Democratic results which BTW was why the south split. Northerners hadn't done a single thing to impede the slaveocracy prerogatives but sick immoral conservatives simply refused to allow the will of the people to play out. All was fine as long as prez and Congress could be dominated by slave interests as soon as the country evolved to the point where their monopoly no longer held they went to war instead of change their ways.and the north went to war because no way were they going to let those scum bags steal their country.

So Tom you're right things are somewhat similar today as immoral white conservatives feel their monopoly waning and so they are lashing out because they are too stupid and selfish to.abide by Democratic norms.

I for one and I hope that the majority of.others would also today stand up.and refuse to let this immoral minority steal our country if secession and division were truly on order.

Thankfully that outcome is laughably remote since unlike before the civil.war when those sick conservative racists actually believed they could win even the most retarded and depraved conservative knows.that there is zero likelihood of military victory and. So there wont be any civil war along those lines

John said...

The people have to leave their states? Is that what it's come down to?

I just saw that Trumpcare has been defeated! Another notch on the "so much winning" that Trump promised under his presidency!

Matt Franko said...

Yes John looks like they waited until the market was closed to pull the bill...

Matt Franko said...

Trump talking that he might be open to do a deal with Pelosi.... lol!!!!

John said...

Pelosi? If Pelosi is the answer, what's the fucking question? Really, what the fuck is going on? Does Trump even know? Chaos, complete chaos.

Ryan comes out of it pretty badly, but Trump looks like a man with no sense of direction. He can talk a big game. A BIGLY game. But when it comes to actually governing, he and his minions have literally no idea. Four years of this?

To pull your own bill? And this early in your presidency? When you're leading a party that controls all arms of government? And on a manifesto promise to repeal Obamacare? And you can't get the support from your OWN party? Wow! Just WOW!!!

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

I just saw that Trumpcare has been defeated!

"We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning." -- Trump

I bet if the master of the "art of the deal" -- *snicker* -- had enticed each of the House Freedom Caucus member holdouts with a night spent in the Lincoln Bedroom with Melania ... I bet the "Yays" would have it -- bigly! (Btw, it wouldn't be the first time he's using escorts.)

I wonder what new ways the GOP will now devise to make poor Americans suffer and die now that Obamacare is still the law and 10's of millions will retain their healthcare. Any ideas? Anyone? Grim Reaper?

Peter Pan said...

Pulled or delayed? They didn't have the votes so they might be stalling for time to tweak the bill.

Tom Hickey said...

There is no GOP bill that works. Their only solution is repeal and not replace, which is what the Tea Party faction demands and has the votes to enforce. Their base won't go for anything less than that.

They may decide that they have to repeal the ACA without replacing it immediately and then craft a replacement that can pass, which looks to be impossible. Moreover, Trump said on the campaign trail he would not repeal without replace.

They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, having made a lot of promises that they can't keep now that they control government.

This is an enormous waste of political capital.

Paul Ryan, who led the charge, should be made to walk the plank.

John said...

The population will cry: "Please, PLEASE, it's too much winning. We can't take it any more. Mr President, it's too much."

But as president, he'll slap these un-Americans down: "And I'll say, No, it isn't. We have to keep winning. We have to win MORE."

Bullshit meets reality...

lastgreek said...

Paul Ryan: "Obamacare is the law of the land."

Majority of Americans: "We want single-payer universal healthcare as the law of the land."

This morning on CNN there was a Republican Congressman (think it was Chris Collins, NY?) lying his brains out saying that Americans have made it clear that they don't want single-payer healthcare, and that Canadians flood into the US for healthcare. I almost choked on my bagel with cream cheese :(

Noah Way said...

The good news: there really isn't any. If the GOP had passed this there would have been torches and pitchforks. THAT would have been good news.

The bad news: we're stuck with ObummerCare and a massive for-profit industrial health complex.

Observation: People are relieved(!) to be able to maintain narrow networks without price controls and obfuscatory practices designed to minimize claims.

Tom Hickey said...

Single-payer is the next step. Even Obama said the ACA was just a beginning and not the grand finale.

Noah Way said...

Obama had the chance to enact single-payer - or at least stand up for it, but instead he nixed the public option to protect insurance jobs ... er, profits. His BS was just part of the pitch.