Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Steve Randy Waldman — A tao of politics

Dialectical logic: seeing complements instead of opposition, paradox instead of contradiction.

A tao of politics
Steve Randy Waldman


Greg said...

That is a very good piece Tom, thanks for that link. I used to check inter fluidity regularly but he hasn't posted in so long I stopped looking

Part of the difference between right and left is that the right uses institutions like religions to bind people and provide the "socialism" needed to nurture group needs where as the left doesn't trust religion to do the work and wants a broader, looser, less pure coalition to work with.

The right is happy with smaller, tight knit groups passionately bound, where as the left looks to expand the circle.

I see the US Civil War as instructive here. The south was a smaller band of more passionate (god fearing) fighters that couldn't beat the system of the North, but they certainly almost did. In a more modern age where nukes were available the south might have used them first and won. Its not an accident that so much of the modern right uses the confederate flag as a rallying symbol. We are still fighting the war between the states in different venues.

Matt Franko said...

"God is an ironist"

Not currently as I read Paul...

Man, and then we of mankind out of the original man, who He created in the image of His original form, are perhaps currently exhibiting this original "irony" and disorder/chaos...

But God Himself is not currently an "ironist" in this way, WE of man and then mankind out of the man are yes exhibiting what some might term "irony" for His greater purposes .... As I read Paul...