Friday, March 24, 2017

Fed now holds record amount of Treasuries. There was no "avalanche of selling" like so many Wall St. morons predicted.

When the Fed started raising interest rates 15 months ago you had a lot of Wall Street idiots predicting massive Treasury sales. One dope, Scott Minerd, predicted $1 trillion in sales. I wrote about that stupid call, here.

The Fed is currently holding a record amount of Treasuries, with the new heights in its holdings coming recently, after not one, not two, BUT THREE RATE HIKES!

These dopes don't understand that the Fed pays interest on reserves, making the need to manage reserves in order to maintain their target rate, a thing of the past.

Malpractice. That's what they idiots engage in. All the time. If it were any other industry they'd be sued or shut down. And networks like CNBC disseminate their crap, regularly.

Fed holdings of Treasuries: $2.463974 trillion.


Matt Franko said...

They need the interest income in order to pay the ior so as they have rasised the rates on the ior a bit you see them adding more to the portfolio a bit...

wilwon32 said...

$2.463974 trillion?

I assume this $2.46+ trillion.

mike norman said...