Friday, March 24, 2017

Charlie Spiering — Donald Trump Blames Democrats for Health Care Failure, Promises Better Plan in the Future

President Donald Trump signaled he was finished with trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, telling reporters at the White House he was ready to move to tax reform.
The purpose of the Ryan Plan was supposedly to make space for tax reform.

Breitbart News
Donald Trump Blames Democrats for Health Care Failure, Promises Better Plan in the Future
Charlie Spiering


Exclusive — Discussion About GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress
Matthew Boyle


Matt Franko said...

Looks like he is now thinking ACA is going to become increasingly unpopular....

Matt Franko said...

Going to be interesting to see what he does wrt the Freedom Caucus...

lastgreek said...

He didn't just blame -- he called Pelosi and Schumer "losers." LOL

And then he said the "Democrats now own Obamacare." "Now own"? They owned it before -- hence the name "Obamacare"!

Tom you need to post the image of Trump yesterday behind the wheel of a semi. I would if I could but only you can post images here :)

John said...

The Dems are to blame when the GOPhers control all arms of government?

Unreality has won the day with "conservatives" for decades, so no reason not to buy into another part of the parallel universe reality. Belief in weird stuff usually precipitates the collapse of an empire: the intelligent empire builders are in time replaced with a new breed of idiot maniacs.

Tom Hickey said...

Copyright issues with posting commercial images.

OK to post links.

Noah Way said...

Trump is all superlatives, no substance.

Gold-plated buildings built with the cheapest materials and labor paid for with someone else's money.

Dave said...

Trump could care less. This was not his plan, he was merely the salesman. And he couldn't close the deal, so his next best option was to beat the Koch brothers, which he did by saying he's done with healthcare after Friday if he doesn't get the vote he wants. In his deranged mind, that's a win.