Monday, March 27, 2017

Matt Bruenig — Against Chelsea Clinton

A chip off the old blocks. Taking nepotism to a new level.



Penguin pop said...

I thought both Chelsea and Ivanka would be much more sensible than their parents. Maybe I have to rethink this notion after reading this article.

Noah Way said...

Gotta generate some income for the Clinton Foundation, it all dried up with Hillary's loss of access.

Tom Hickey said...

Grooming them early with free money so they follow the drill automatically.

Salsabob said...

Ivanka has an coveted office in the West Wing, Jared given the duty to bring bureacrats to heel, and the cost of Melania's NYC security detail that would fund Meals on Wheels and the Appalachian Regional Commission combined indefinitely.

More false equivalency dribble from the Clinton Hate Derangement Syndrome crowd. Or here, folks equating the 'horror' of only three cable news networks in the US with Czar Putin's bloody tightfisted control of every media outlet in Russia. Derangement.