Thursday, March 30, 2017

John Helmer — Gorilla Radio, Canada – Russian Anger At Corruption Is A Political Asset For President Vladimir Putin, Not For Critics Like Alexei Navalny

Correcting wishful thinking in the Western press about the recent anti-corruption protests in Russia,  a recent Levada Center poll reveals that they were actually pro-Putin.
President Vladimir Putin is viewed as the Russians’ preference for reducing corruption; fewer Russians now than four years ago believe Putin is personally corrupt, or benefits from the corruption of his cronies and subordinates.
Sometime ago Putin appointed and "honest cop" in charge of a new anti-corruption drive, making his agency independent and giving him free rein to conduct investigations. Since then a number of high-profile political leaders and other powerful people have been arrested for corruption.

President Xi took similar measures in China and many "tigers" have been arrested in addition to "flies."

Meanwhile, the US continues to apply its double standard of law enforcement. The swamp still needs draining.

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