Monday, July 24, 2017

Awara — Doing Business in Russia: Russian Financial System

Short summary. Essentially, Russia is internationalizing (in effect Westernizing) its banking and financial system, as is China also.

Doing Business in Russia: Russian Financial System
Eugene Isaev

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Unknown said...

The name of the consulting group Awara likely has connections to the 1951 Indian movie "Awara" which became very popular in Russia, and Raj Kapoor, the actor and producer became very popular there - the reason why Raj Kapoor was popular in Russia is well depicted in the 2009 HT article -

"In early fifties, just after the devastating war with Germany, the country was still in ruins we were poor and our life was full of privations and shortages," said the old lady during 'Retrospective of Raj Kapoor films' organised in the provincial city of Tver, 200 kms from here.

But when we saw greater hardships being faced by the poor from the country (India) with a smile, it gave us optimism. So after watching Awara and Shri 420, Raj Kapoor became a symbol of optimism for the Soviet people, she added.
there is immense interest in Indian films in Russia, because they share common spiritual values. "Every Indian movie gives the message of 'victory of good over evil'. This is the yearning of every Russian soul," Sekacheva said.