Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reuters — U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials to pressure Maduro

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on 13 senior officials of Venezuela's government, military and state oil company PDVSA on Wednesday, U.S. officials said, seeking to ratchet up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to scrap plans for a controversial new congress.…
Let's see now, the US is at war economically with North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria, and now Venezuela. Did I forget anyone? Oh right, the US just sanctioned some Chinese entities over NK.

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials to pressure Maduro
Matt Spetalnick

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Kaivey said...

The Right will win in the end, then they will drive people into poverty and make themselves very rich. With the MSM they will make their system look like a success, and it will be for some. Venezuela is resource rich, so every bandit, good for nothing, crook, soldier of fortune, and rich western banker is after it. They have the power, the money, the MSM, the financial system, the universities that preach neoclassical economics, western vassal state governments, all on their side. So socialist Venezuela was going to collapse. Ordinary people were never going to be allowed to benefit from their country's natural resources.

It's called property rights, which is a good thing most of the time but the system has its limits. The Western wealthy ruling elite, who made their money out of the slave trade and ransacking third world countries, now have the money to buy up the world. And they can get even more money from Western banks which create the money out of thin air to buy up even more of the world.

This is the fault line in capitalism. All the advantage is with the wealthy, from their inheritance through to their superior education. High intelligence is not so much about genes, but how people are brought up.

Some people become rich from nothing and capitalist propaganda says the how everyone should so it. But freaks of nature are just that, unusual events.

Is war and pillage the natural state of mankind, or will we learn? Socialism which works capitalism is the future. The best of both Wolds. This is what most people want, but the ruling elite have put out so much propaganda against it.