Friday, July 28, 2017

Color revolution in Venezuela and Nicaragua

We can conclude that the upcoming violence in Venezuela is not a spontaneous action of the opposition but the implementation of a plan that has been around since at least May 2016. It is likely to follow the color revolution by force script the U.S. developed and implemented in several countries over the last decade. Weapon supply and mercenary support for the opposition will come in from and through the neighboring countries the CIA head visited.…
To overthrow the Venezuelan government has been tried since the first election of a somewhat socialist government in 1999. The U.S. instigated coup in 2002 failed when the people and the military stood up against the blatant interference. The "regime change" methods have since changed with the added support of a militant "democratic opposition" fed from the outside. The use of that tool had negative outcomes in Libya and Ukraine and it failed in Syria. I am confident that the government of Venezuela has analyzed those cases and prepared its own plans to counter a similar attempt. 
The U.S. just ordered the relatives of its embassy employees out of the country. Such is only done when imminent action is expected.
Moon of Alabama
Countdown To War On Venezuela

Ortega's government in Nicaragua on the list, too? China is building a competitor canal through Nicaragua to evade US control of the Panama Canal.

Astute News
The US’ Anti-Nicaragua Sanctions are Supposed to Spark a Hybrid War Against China
Asif Aziz


Kaivey said...

If only people knew what Washington really was. Not the did guys at all. They don't come much more evil than Washington. Yeah, the Nazis were way worse, and, so was Stalin, but people expected more from the good guys. If only they knew how Washington let loads of Nazis live in the states their crimes did not matter, their information more important.

Capitalism is a cover for mass looting.

Matt Franko said...

They looted the capitalists... now they are screwed ...

Tom Hickey said...

They looted the capitalists... now they are screwed ..

That would be the ordinary people aka "the little people."