Monday, July 31, 2017

Sputnik International — War is Peace: US Deploys New Form of Hybrid Aggression in Ukraine Against Russia

The expulsion of 755 US diplomatic personnel from Russia was seemingly overkill for American mischief making. But it had a much broader and deeper significance. The Russian presidential election is approaching in 2018 and the US has a history of trying to influence the outcome now only from abroad but also within Russia through its diplomatic core and embedded intelligence agents, as well as state-sponsored NGOs. Russia had already shut down NGOs that receive foreign funding, and this move against the US diplomatic core was aimed at precluding interference with the upcoming Russian election on the ground in Russia.

Obvious, the US leadership is not going to take this lightly and will bring pressure to bear on Russia in other ways. The Ukraine is an obvious lever in this power game between major nuclear powers.

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