Friday, July 28, 2017

James George Jatras — Bipartisanship! The Evil Party and Stupid Party Team Up to Cripple Trump, Subvert the Rule of Law, and Put the US on a Road to War

I couldn't resist posting this.
The overwhelming approval by both chambers of the US Congress of a bill imposing new, permanent sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea puts President Donald Trump in an impossible position. He can either sign the bill or allow it to become law without his signature, in which case he has acquiesced in the Legislative Branch’s usurpation of what is supposed to be among the Executive’s primary constitutional responsibilities, the conduct of relations with foreign states.
Or he can veto it, but with a total of only five votes against it in both the Senate and the House together, an override is almost certain. Trump would still find his authority curtailed, on top of crippling his clout during the infancy of his term.
Keep in mind that this is being inflicted on Trump mainly by members of his own party. The Republican Congressional leadership can’t manage to repeal Obamacare, reform taxes, stop voter fraud, keep dangerous people out of our country, build the Mexican Wall, or renew our national infrastructure. But they find plenty of time to hold hands with the Democrats, who are trying to unseat the constitutionally elected president in a «soft coup» over phony «Russiagate», to enact a misguided piece of legislation that is expressly intended to guarantee that Trump can’t, under any foreseeable circumstances, improve ties with the one country in the world with which we absolutely must get along, at least on some minimal level: «It’s the Russia, Stupid!»
This is bipartisanship at its worst. In case we need to be reminded, America does not have a multiplicity of parties like most other countries. Instead, we have just two: an «Evil Party» and a «Stupid Party» – and when something is really evil and stupid, we call that «bipartisan»....
Donald Trump is already a lame duck president. He apparently realizes this and decided to cut any ties with the GOP Establishment that may have existed by firing Reince Priebus unceremoniously.

The rest of the post is disturbing, or at any rate should disturb anyone that still has a soul. It's looking more and more like a lot of souls have been put up for sale and the devil has obliged.

Strategic Culture Foundation
Bipartisanship! The Evil Party and Stupid Party Team Up to Cripple Trump, Subvert the Rule of Law, and Put the US on a Road to War
James George Jatras | Deputy Director of the American Institute in Ukraine, a privately funded American NGO, and former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership


Pat Buchanan
"Is Trump Entering A Kill Box?"


Matt Franko said...

He's going to go on offense...

Tom Hickey said...

Pat Buchanan — "Is Trump Entering A Kill Box?"

Kaivey said...

Go on, Trump, do 'em!

Kaivey said...

The liberals are evil. Isn't that weird? The liberals have teamed up with the military-industrial complex to impose gay and transgender values on the world. Except it's really a neocon cover to rule the world with a right wing, non traditional conservative, mandate (Is that possible?). But they also back Isis, Deash, whatever, etc. What a mishmash? That's evil.

But true liberals still exist, if they hadn't been brainwashed by the evil Obama, Hilary brand. I'm one of them. But am I a true liberal? Ed Millaband and Bernie Sanders both say they aren't liberals. These people have very noble values, they are not anything goes liberals.

I wonder if Bernie had got in what the US establishment would have done to him? Would they be making him do war with Russia?