Friday, July 28, 2017

Two reviews of Steve Keen's Can we avoid another financial crisis?

I just read the new book by Steve Keen, which is … a little red book. It is very readable and brings the reader up to the economic theory and reality of 2017. The focus is on private debt, and that is very important....
Dirk says to read it.

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[book review] Steve Keen – Can we avoid another financial crisis?
Dirk Ehnts | Lecturer at Bard College Berlin

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Surprisingly good review from Reuters.

I would beg to disagree with Keen's analysis of private debt in China as comparable with private debt in a Western capitalist system. The systems are different, first owing to different and economic infrastructure, and secondly owing to economic conditions in China, where private sector incomes are increasing correspondingly, for example, and the household saving rate is high. We'll see.

Review: Can we avoid another financial crisis?
Edward Chancellor

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