Saturday, July 29, 2017

Martin Armstrong — Russian Sanctions – The Start of World War III?

While a agree with the substance of the post, I am linking to it for a different reason. Martin Armstrong is a strongly laissez-faire economic liberal that views government as the problem. But here he is attributing a failed business model as a potential cause of war. The current business model in the US media is the Murdoch model that pushed Fox to the top of the ratings and raked in advertisers dollars. It is also called the tabloid model, since it's basis is sensationalism.

The major US "news" organizations have discovered that money flows to clickbait and media profit is based on the number of eyeballs that its content and presentation can attract. So the media sells what people want to buy, which is a combination of celebrity titillation and fear mongering.

Armstrong concludes that to avoid the rush to WWIII, the fairness doctrine needs to be renewed since the media is not policing itself and only government can force a rebalancing.
CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post will be responsible for creating World War III just as Pulitzer and Hearst were responsible for creating the Spanish-American war over fake news. The Fairness Doctrine needs to be restored ASAP and applied to newspapers as well as radio and TV.
One problem with this analysis is that very often it is the US deep state that is running the narrative and providing the sources. Who is going to police the deep state?

Trump was elected to "drain the swamp" but the swamp is draining him and doing its best to drown him.

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