Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cecil Bothwell - Billy Graham and the Gospel of Fear

Not only is America full of guns where teenagers going on a rampage shoot out in schools is commonplace, men of God, those that say they love Jesus, have preached death and destruction to millions of people around the world. Billy Graham encouraged Nixon to start a war with China - in which millions of people would have died, including Americans -  and to bomb the dykes in North Korea where a million people would have died in drowning and starvation. I guess Billy Graham got inspiration from the Old Testament. KV

It was the first time Graham encouraged a president to go to war, and with characteristic hyperbole: Korea has never topped the list of Christian-leaning nations. Subsequently, Graham gave his blessing to every conflict under every president from Truman to the second Bush, and most of the presidents, pleased to enjoy public assurance of God’s approval, made him welcome in the White House. Graham excoriated Truman for firing General Douglas MacArthur and supported the general’s plan to invade China. He went so far as to urge Nixon to bomb dikes in Vietnam—knowing that it would kill upward of a million civilians—and he claimed to have sat on the sofa next to G.H.W. Bush as the bombs began falling in the first Gulf War (though Bush’s diary version of the evening somehow excludes Graham, as does a White House video of Bush during the attack).
According to Bush’s account, in a phone call the preceding week, Graham quoted poetry that compared the President to a messiah destined to save the world, and in the next breath called Saddam the Antichrist. Bush wrote that Graham suggested it was his historical mission to destroy Saddam.

Through the years, Graham’s politics earned him some strange bedfellows. He praised Senator Joseph McCarthy and supported his assault on Constitutional rights, then scolded the Senate for censuring McCarthy for his excesses. He befriended oil men and arms manufacturers. He defended Nixon after Watergate, right up to the disgraced president’s resignation, and faced public scorn when tapes were aired that exposed the foul-mouthed President as a schemer and plotter. Nixon’s chief of staff, Bob Haldeman, reported on Graham’s denigration of Jews in his posthumously published diary—a claim Graham vehemently denied until released tapes undid him in 2002. Caught with his prejudicial pants down, Graham claimed ignorance of the hour-and-a-half long conversation in which he led the antisemite attack.


Cecil Bothwell - Billy Graham and the Gospel of Fear

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Matt Franko said...

“I guess Billy Graham got inspiration from the Old Testament.”

Yes it’s a big problem in Christendom... but the coercive Hell Doctrine is still the 800 lb gorilla which Christendom came up with on their own... ie conditional salvation of mankind which nullifies the conciliatory death of Christ... the worst dogma going imo...