Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Farid Ben Amor — How should we regulate the flow of online content?

Under a "free market system" platforms become the curators of content and its flow because "business decisions are best left to the private sector." However, the dynamics of this market limit competition and the tendency is toward concentration. This leaves just a few at the top in the drivers seat. Content creation and distribution are increasingly being combined as major players go vertical. The result is growing market asymmetry. 

Is this an issue that should be addressed politically and legally? The title below assumes that the answer is yes and asks how it should be managed.

The neoliberal solution is to legislate in favor of capital formation. The ordoliberal solution is to legislate against anti-competitive practices based on rent seeking through market power.

World Economic Forum
How should we regulate the flow of online content?
Farid Ben Amor | Knowledge and Community Lead, Future of Information and Entertainment Initiative, World Economic Forum

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