Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Zero Hedge — "The Petro Is Born Today" - Maduro Launches Oil-Backed Crypto "For The Welfare Of Venezuela"

More than two months after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced his intention to launch the world's first state-sponsored cryptocurrency to try and help Venezuela raise some badly needed foreign capital, the Petro - backed by 5 billion barrels of oil that are still waiting to be pumped out of a local oilfield - is now a reality....
To fuel demand, the government guarantees that it will accept the Petro as payment for taxes and fees. It has also said it will seek to promote the Petro abroad....
Zero Hedge


Why Washington Struck Russian Contractors In Syria
Nauman Sadiq is an Islamabad-based attorney, columnist and geopolitical analyst focused on the politics of Af-Pak and Middle East regions, neocolonialism and petro-imperialism.

In a historic first, a poll published on Monday by German newspaper Bild put the anti-immigrant, Alternative for Germany (AfD) party at 16%, showing that they are currently the second most popular political organization in Germany and more popular than Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) , Merkel's "Grand Coalition" allies. The poll, conducted by INSA put the AfD on 16%, just ahead of the SPD on 15.
Anti-Immigrant AfD Now The Second Most Popular Party In Germany
Tyler Durden

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Matt Franko said...

It may just be that the technical challenges of running a typical modern depository system are beyond Venezuela and a distributed ledger type system is just much easier as there are no centralized systems or centralized authority.... it’s a “fire and forget” type system...