Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rachel Blevins — WaPo Just Admitted ‘Russian Propaganda’ Was Actually US Mainstream Media, and Was ‘Factual’

In a new story titled “Russia used mainstream media to manipulate American voters,” the Post admitted that instead of creating and spreading “fake news,” the accounts it claimed were controlled by Russians actually focused on sharing stories from American mainstream media outlets, and one of their most used sources just happened to be The Washington Post.
Citing an analysis by Columbia University social-media researcher Jonathan Albright, the Post noted that the majority of the “Russian propaganda” spread by these accounts was made up of “factually accurate” stories from American sources:
In other words, echo chamber.


Noah Way said...

'Echo chamber' implies mindless repitition. This is deliberate action. Bezos (AMZ) owns WaPo sits on a Pentagon Advisory Board, and reportedly received a $600m CIA contract.

Kaivey said...

It's all factually accurate, they don't need to use propaganda because the truth about the Western system is bad enough.

One left-winger I read about said that RT constantly puts articles to undermine our system. He complained about Max Keiser in particular who constantly undermined our banking system.

But who else is telling us the truth about our banking system? The left-winger was pro Corbyn but anti Putin. I thought that was a strange combination. It looks like that many people are brainwashed by the anti Putin propaganda. But are they pro the US, the only country to blanket bomb a continent with napalm. What sort of monsters were behind that?

Noah Way said...

Funny how some "facts" just disappear ...

like this one:

Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump

Tom Hickey said...

I am still seeing that assertion repeated daily by Clintonistas as through it were fact established by incontrovertible evidence.

Joe said...

I'm beginning to think that "Russia Russia russia" *was* the Russian plot.

"So we retweet actuaull American news and buy $40 of Facebook ads *after* elullection, they will say we are eviull genius, and they go crazy from this?.. I don't believe, but ok if you say"

I gotta say, it is kind of genius, raise the cortisol levels of the entire chattering class.

Ryan Harris said...

Vladislav Surkov: A Valentine Card in Scarlet.

Fun article on the status of the matriarchy and patriarchy.