Monday, February 19, 2018

Pepe Escobar — China’s ‘New Silk Roads’ reach Latin America

Beijing is turbo-charging its infrastructure connectivity across the region and the Caribbean.
"Who lost Latin America?"

Asia Times
China’s ‘New Silk Roads’ reach Latin America
Pepe Escobar

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Talk of four nation-led ‘alternative’ to Belt and Road picks up steam
Asia Times Staff

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Australia, the United States, India and Japan are talking about establishing a joint regional infrastructure scheme as an alternative to China’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative in an attempt to counter Beijing’s spreading influence, the Australian Financial Review reported on Monday, citing a senior US official.
The Asian Age
India, US, Japan, Aus form ‘quad’ to compete with China’s BRI: report

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GLH said...

Pepe Escobar is correct in being against US imperialism but he seems to think that Chinese imperialism with its free trade is fine. The truth is that free trade or fair trade or whatever it is called is bad regardless of who is in control of the empire. Trade is simply a war on workers and everybody loses except the bankers. Sorry Pepe.