Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jim Luke — Is Polarization Really a Recent, Digital Phenomenon?

I’m old enough to remember those times well. I also remember the eighties, and seventies, and sixties, and the first hand accounts of those from the fifties. There was no agreement, no unified mass central consensus in those days. There was the appearance of such because those with power, privilege, and authority could much better control the message, control the “news” as reported.
Polarization existed then too. It is not a product of the digital age. The difference is that back then the different voices and perspectives had no voice, no platforms. Now in the digital age they do. We now hear them. Trust me. The extremes existed back then too, it’s that fewer could hear them.
Polarization is just more visible after digitization than previously owing to diffusion of information.

My memories coincide with Jim Luke's on this. The polarization was intense, especially during the era of the Vietnam Conflict and the anti-war movement.

Is Polarization Really a Recent, Digital Phenomenon?
Jim Luke


Rush has 26 million listeners. Neither he nor right-wing radio are phenomena that appeared after or on account of digitization. The major corporate media were predominantly liberal-leaning prior to Fox News, and the radio shows were a reaction to that. Fox changed the game even more. All of this was prior to the Internet.
EIB Network radio host and best-selling author Rush Limbaugh joined Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday this morning.
Rush weighed in on the Mueller witch hunt today during his discussion with Chris Wallace.
Rush said the DOJ’s Special Counsel’s purpose is to destroy President Trump.
Rush Limbaugh also said Hillary was not charged with crimes because then they would have to indict Barack Obama who “probably” encouraged the spying on Donald Trump.
The Gateway Pundit (Alt Right)
RUSH LIMBAUGH: All of This Spying on Trump Happened with Obama’s Knowledge and Probably Encouragement (Video)
Jim Hoft

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The major corporate media were predominantly neoliberal-leaning prior to Fox News

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