Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reuters — Top US Treasury official slams China's 'non-market behavior'

  • The U.S. Treasury's top diplomat accused Beijing of "patently non-market behavior" and said that the United States needed stronger responses to counter it. 
  • David Malpass, Treasury's undersecretary for international affairs, said that market-oriented, democratic governments were awakening to the challenges posed by China's economic system, including from its state-owned banks and export credit agencies.
  • He reiterated his view that China had stopped liberalizing its economy and was actually reversing these trends.
The US position is that only one system — neoliberalism — is allowable, the one it makes the rules for. (Neoliberalism is the system in which private business controls government.)

China is never going to buy into this, since it is tantamount to acknowledging the US as the actual "Middle Kingdom."

Collision course.

Gordon Watts

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Anonymous said...

Spanish and Portuguese would have done better if they had been grouped together with French and Italian and called Modern Latin. In similar fashion as the graph did with the "Chinese language".