Thursday, March 29, 2018

Alastair Crooke — The Geo-Political Poker Game: Where’s the 'Off-Ramp'?

“At the moment, it’s a game of chicken with no off-ramp,” Tom Pickering, another former US Ambassador to Russia, has said. “And we need to be looking at the off-ramp.”
While this piece is mostly about Russia and Putin, this observation about about China is also noteworthy:
Regime change may not be being spoken of in terms of China, but the latter fully understands that it is at the top of the Bolton-Pompeo-Trump ‘hit list’, and that its standing as ‘revisionist threat, number one’ enjoys bipartisan support in America.
 As I've been saying.
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Alastair Crooke
How do you know when a politician is lying?
Their lips move and words come out.
How do you know when the United States is at a disadvantage in a geopolitical quagmire?
Our diplomats and Presidents want to ‘open up talks.’...
Russia InsiderYou Know the US Is Losing; We’re Willing to Talk
Tom Luongo


Touché. Lavrov trolls May and Johnson.

Russia to UK: Prove Your Spies Did Not Poison Our Citizens or Face Consequences


Life mimics art.

Russia Feed
Do you think this is where the Brits got the idea to expel Russian Diplomats? [VIDEO]

Seraphim Hanisch


Noah Way said...

Exactly. Bluster and tough talk right up to the edge of the cliff with no way to back down. The bully needs a bloody nose to see the light, but that will likely only enrage him even more.

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