Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Andrew Buncombe — US Defence Secretary says it 'kinda looked like' Kim Jong Un made secret visit to China as North Korea train leaves Beijing

At present I have no understanding of the situation you mention. If there is news we will release it'
So we are supposed to believe that the US intelligence services know what Putin is thinking when they don't know whether Kim went to China and if he did, what he transpired there?

Really? Either Mattis is not being forthcoming about this, is not in the intel loop, or there's something fishy with the narrative about Russia.

And apparently, the US was taken by surprise by the revelation of Russia newest weapons. Are the US intel services asleep at the switch or too busy pursing the Steele dossier to take the Russian military-industrail complex into account?

Too many loose ends in the narrative but it doesn't matter since US and Western journalists don't stray from the script and stick to the playbook.

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Matt Franko said...

"Western journalists don't stray from the script"

Who needs them they are all in the tank for the materially unqualified/incompetent Democrat material losers...

Trump has twitter directly himself:


Its the 'new media'...