Monday, March 26, 2018

RT — Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

Between now and John Bolton taking up his post as Trump's new national security adviser, set to happen April 9, there will no doubt continue to be an avalanche of testimony coming out of US and foreign officials highlighting the crazed and hawkish actions he's taken in the past.
And Bolton seems fully aware of this, as he told Fox News last week in an attempt to perhaps soften his image as the preeminent beltway hawk on Iran, North Korea, Russia and Syria: “Look, I have my views, I'm sure I'll have a chance to articulate them to the president… If the government can't have a free interchange of ideas among the president's advisors, then I think the president is not well served.”
Yet Bolton's past actions in government suggest that instead of merely "articulating" his views he's willing to break ranks to get things done on his terms, even reaching out to allied foreign officials to push for preemptive strikes on America's enemies....
Zero Hedge
Former Israeli Defense Chief: Bolton Pushed Israel's Military Toward Preemptive Strike On Iran
Tyler Durden

The newly appointed US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tried to persuade Israel to conduct a pre-emptive strike against Iran before it achieved nuclear weapons capability, Israel’s ex-Defense Minister has revealed.
“I got to know John Bolton when he was the US ambassador to the United Nations,” Shaul Mofaz said at a conference of former IDF chiefs. “He tried to convince me that Israel should attack Iran.”
Mofaz, an Iranian-born Israeli who served as the defense minister at the time when Bolton headed the US mission at the UN, in turn advised the ultra-hawkish Republican against attacking Tehran. The former defense chief explained that he did not believe that a military strike on Iran would be a “wise” decision, for either Tel Aviv or Washington DC....
Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

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