Monday, March 26, 2018

Alexander Mercouris — China applauds Putin’s win, backs Russia on Skripal case, hails China’s ‘strategic partnership’ with Russia

President Putin’s massive election victory and the fallout from the Skripal case have provided Global Times – an English language newspaper published under the auspices of the People’s Daily, the official organ of China’s Communist Party, and therefore reflecting the views of China’s leadership – with the opportunity to give Russia strong backing as it comes under renewed Western pressure.
The first editorial, published on 16th March 2018 under the title “West hopes to hurt, intimidate Russia”, makes clear that China sides with Russia over the handling of the Skripal case….
The Chinese leadership and military fully understand that the attack on Russia and Iran in order to effect regime change there is preliminary to an attack on China (read the CCP/PLA) to eliminate the West's only real competitor.
I would finish by referring to the remarkably fulsome language Global Times uses to describe the current relationship between China and Russia.
What was once referred to as a ‘strategic partnership’ became a few years ago a ‘grand strategic partnership’.
Now Global Times calls it “the China-Russia comprehensive strategic collaborative partnership”. Note that both President Putin and President Xi Jinping referred to it as a “comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership” in their respective telegrams to each other. It appears that this is now the agreed formula used to describe the relationship.
I wonder for how much longer the Chinese and the Russians will go on pretending that their relationship is anything other than what it obviously is, something which can be summed up altogether more simply, with one word: alliance.
Global North and West against Global South and East. Should be a grand war.

The Duran
China applauds Putin’s win, backs Russia on Skripal case, hails China’s ‘strategic partnership’ with Russia
Alexander Mercouris

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