Friday, March 30, 2018

The Real News - Why Did The US Just Bar a Former British Diplomat From Entering the Country?

Why Did The US Just Bar a Former British Diplomat From Entering the Country?

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray blew the whistle on how the Americans were using Uzbekistan's medieval torture program to produce false intelligence in the war on terror 


Craig Murray also thought that the UK was a force for good in the world until he discovered the secret US and UK torture program where people were being sent to Uzbekistan to be horribly tortured and sometimes their children were tortured in front of them too.

Craig Murray alerted to the Blair Labour government about the torture program and they told him to concentrate more on commercial interests and that he was too focused on human rights. Well, talk about a bunch of hypocrites when the British and American governments criticise Assad, or any other government they don't like.

Craig Murray says this torture program was to try to get information which could vastly exaggerate the Al-Qaeda threat so they could get a mandate to starts the wars to gain control of the oil and gas fields in Central Asia.

Craig Murray says he's not fully come to terms with how evil some people in the West are. He says he has severely criticised Putin and the Russian government on many occasions but has never been denied entry into Russia, only the US and Uzbekistan has denied him entry, which says something about these countries.

The Real News is getting better and better so I give a big thanks to Paul Jay. Watch this video and be outraged. KV

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