Thursday, March 29, 2018

Moon of Alabama — "She Is Risen!" - Last Act Of 'Novichok' Drama Revealed: "The Skripals' Resurrection"

It seems that the 'Novichok' fairy-tale the British government plays to us provides for a happy ending - the astonishing and mysterious resurrection of the victims of a "military grade" "five to eight times more deadly than VX gas" "nerve agent" "of a type developed by" Hollywood....
Did the Brits jump the shark?

Moon of Alabama
"She Is Risen!" - Last Act Of 'Novichok' Drama Revealed: "The Skripals' Resurrection"
Written by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront


Global Research (Canada)
Old Pretexts for Mass-Murderous Aggression: A New War Against Russia in Ukraine Unfolding Before Our Eyes?
John Mc Murtry | Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Canada

To my knowledge, none of the questions I wrote in my previous piece – 30 questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case – has been answered satisfactorily, at least not in the public domain. Yet despite the fact that these legitimate questions have not yet been answered, and many important facts surrounding the case are still unknown, the case has given rise to a serious international crisis, with the extraordinary expulsion of Russian diplomats across many EU countries and particularly the United States on March 26th.…

I pointed out in my previous piece that it is not my intention to advance some sort of conspiracy theory on this blog. It remains the case that I simply don’t have any holistic theory — “conspiracy” or otherwise — for who carried this out, and I continue to retain an open mind. But since the Government of my country has rushed to judgement without many of the facts of the case being established, and since this has led to the biggest deterioration in relations between nuclear-armed nations since the Cuban Missile Crisis, it seems to me that it is more important than ever to keep asking questions in the hope that answers will come.
And so, for what it’s worth, here are 20 more important questions that I think that journalists ought to be asking regarding this case:
To my mind, an obvious question that no one seems to be talking about is why Yulia Skripal was a target, too. It seems doubtful to me that she accidentally happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This appears to be a huge loose end that is being ignored. It's not difficult to conceive alternative scenarios that involve her closely.

There are other questions that come to mind that aren't being asked, at least publicly, but this question seems to me to be of high priority.

Rob Slane


Schofield said...

Tom Hickey said...

Lame "attempt" to be objective while holding the narrative.

Jeff65 said...

Lots of "trust what these proven liars say" and zero evidence in that Independent article Schofield.

Schofield said...

No attempt on my part to be subjective merely relaying another viewpoint. Objectivity would appear to be hard to find when such chemical weapons are produced by many countries in conditions of very high secrecy. Paranoia would appear inappropriate in such circumstances.

Schofield said...

As I said no real evidence available for ordinary folk to justify their paranoia:-

Tom Hickey said...

Story unraveling. Expect a Hail Mary pass.