Monday, March 26, 2018

Monica Duffy Toft — Fewer diplomats, more armed force defines US leadership today

A strong legacy of U.S. leadership and engagement in global politics has been reduced today to what I call kinetic diplomacy – diplomacy by armed force.
The Conversation
Fewer diplomats, more armed force defines US leadership today
Monica Duffy Toft | Professor of International Politics and Director, Center for Strategic Studies, Fletcher School, Tufts University

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Higinio Polo has for a long time predicted the current tension in international relations. He spoke about this, in particular, in his book “USA: The State-Offender” ('USA: el Estado delincuente'), which was published in 2004.

Higinio Polo wrote in his book that Washington "is developing a dangerous and aggressive foreign policy," whose goal is "to strengthen the new world dominance" that "jeopardizes peace on earth." To achieve its goals, the US is even ready to "violate international agreements" and "without considering the United Nations," while "assigning the privilege of judging the rest of the world in accordance with its own criteria and strategic decisions."...
Sputnik International
Meet the Man Who Predicted the Current Global Geopolitical Situation

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