Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jimmy Dore says how the so called left are criticizing Trump for not being tough enough on Assad, in fact, they want America to go for all out war with Syria. Tucker Carlson says how the U.S. Is allowing terrorist groups like, ISIS, Al-Nursa, and ABC, whatever the other groups call themselves next, to fight the war against Assad. The Democrats are pretending to be outraged with 'Assad's brutality' while the US ally, Suadi Arabia, is bombing and starving millions of Yemanis. In fact, Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmon gets to dine with the Queen.

 Tucker Carlson says when the media, the Military -industrial complex, and both sides of the house all agree threes something wrong. He says a bill should be passed that the U.S should not be allowed to destroy another country without rebuilding the last one, and that every senator should be made to visit the destroyed country.


Konrad said...

The USA is the same as the Roman Empire. What holds the U.S. Empire together is endless war.

I am reminded of Marcus Licinius Crassus (115 – 53 BC). Despite being the richest man in Rome by far (through fraud, theft, and swindles), Crassus was still considered second rate because he had no military victories. In ancient Rome, military victory was the way to the highest social honors.

Crassus had stupendous wealth, but no glory. In a quest for glory, he played an important part in crushing the slave rebellion led by Spartacus, but the glory went to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey the Great) who also participated in crushing the slave revolt.

Crassus was 42 at that point. Frustrated, he stewed for 20 years until age 62, when he tried one last time to have the military glory he had craved all his life. Using his vast wealth, he assembled a 10,000-man army, and launched a pointless and unnecessary war against the Parthian Empire (formerly the Persian Empire).

The two armies met at Carrhae in what is today Harran, Turkey, twenty miles north of the border with today’s Syria. The Parthians annihilated Crassus, his son, and the entire Roman army to the last man. Wiped out. All because of vanity.

The USA will likewise fall because of vanity.

Konrad said...

There is a legend (no doubt apocryphal) that the Parthians took Crassus prisoner and mocked his wealth and greed by supposedly pouring liquid gold down his throat, killing him.

Konrad said...

I meant to say molten gold.

Kaivey said...

When I was young I believed in the goodness of man and that evil was rare. Sure, I met horrible people all the time, but not evil people. I liked most people, and I liked where I lived, and although I'm not a patriot, I liked Britain for its beautiful countryside, towns and villages - and pubs - and it's friendly people. But nowadays I despair as it seems that evil is everywhere and the people just go along with it. But most people would never approve with what's going on, so they are fed propaganda.

Noah Way said...

Not vanity: insatiable greed.

An oxymoronic expression as greed can never be satisfied.

Konrad said...

It’s been said that the most compassionate thing we can do for the world is to work on ourselves.

Personally I believe that 99% of our mind is subconscious. This is what rules us. Our personal reality, our experiences, and our conscious intellectual discourse all manifest in accordance with our subconscious beliefs and assumptions.

We must change our subconscious beliefs and assumptions via self-reflection, meditation, and techniques such as “out-of-body” practices. This takes time, diligence, and consistency. (I myself have a long, LONG way to go in this.)

To the extent that we gain control of our subconscious mind, we gain control of our reality. Then we truly have the power to help the world. Whatever we command becomes real.

…at least, this is the way I see things.

Konrad said...

@ NOAH WAY: Both vanity and greed are black holes. The more they are indulged, the worse they become. Crassus suffered from both. Vanity is greed for attention, adulation, and for being worshipped. Greed for money is greed for power. Same illness. As long as we look for happiness outside of ourselves, we will always fail.

Crassus was the Jeff Bezos of his day, and he was never happy. On the contrary, after the slave revolt led by Spartacus was crushed, Crassus ordered 7,000 slaves to be crucified along the Appian way. He hoped that this would make people see him as a terrifying god. In this he failed again. Again, his motive was vanity. He already had more wealth than he could ever spend.

Romans respected his wealth, but they envied, resented, and despised the man, and he knew it. Crassus, like Trump and Hillary, dreamed of being respected. Their dreams never come true. Trump's fans don't respect Trump. Hillary's fans don't respect Hillary. Both camps are motivated by hate. Both live vicariously through Trump or Hillary, and they hate whoever they decide are Trump's or Hillary's enemies.

They do this to avoid having to face the misery of their own lives.

Noah Way said...

Hard to be vain without something like a pile of dough to "justify" it.

Funny how Carlson has gone from Right to Left. Looks like he had to dump the bow ties.

Anonymous said...

Look in your own heart Kaivey - there is a good person lives there and good in abundance. There is a difference between what is on the inside (of humanity) and the outside. There is a good wolf and a bad wolf within, fighting for supremacy over us - it all depends on which one we feed. Feed the good wolf and you will thrive, despite what is happening in the world. That's a promise from the heart. Kechara means 'sky-walker' - walk across their heads. The outside gets ground up, always changing every day. The inside is your forever! The heart the door and what is within there, will always lighten the mind, and put things in context. Love what you love and let it flow, never surrendering human dignity.

This is the territory people have to win back - the space and place of the heart, and the Self that waits patiently there for us to come back home!