Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Paul Antonopoulos — China SPEAKS OUT: NATO Aggression on Syria is War against Russia

Jinri Toutiao, one of China’s largest media agencies, has unveiled an article arguing that while the conflict in Syria might seem like a civil war between government and opposition forces, it is in reality “a deadly battle between Russia and NATO countries.”... 
In other words, the Chinese media giant has a firm grasp on the geopolitics of the Syrian conflict and Russia-NATO confrontation. This is an important indication of China’s orientation. What’s more, other analysts, in addition to the Chinese agency, have added to the discussion, pointing out that although NATO leaders assure that their actions are not directed against Russia, their operations demonstrate the opposite reality.…
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China SPEAKS OUT: NATO Aggression on Syria is War against Russia
Paul Antonopoulos


Ralph Musgrave said...

Yes, it's struck me for a long time that the real motive for Western interference in Syria is something that has motivated the West for at least a century: constraining Russia's access to warm water ports. Plus obviously the US does not want Russian bases too near its precious client state in the region, i.e. Isreal. Or perhaps it's more a case of the Jewish lobby in the US getting the US to do what the Jewish lobby wants.

Konrad said...

The “conflict” in Syria is not a “civil war,” but a proxy war between [1] the Syrian government and [2] terrorist mercenaries who are armed, trained, and funded by NATO countries, plus Israel and the Gulf oil sheikhdoms.

As the article says, the proxy war is part of the larger conflict between Russia and NATO.

Bashar Al Assad made the same mistake as Gaddafi: he trusted the West, and he imposed neoliberal “reforms” on his nation. However Assad, like Gaddafi, failed to grovel to Israel. Therefore both men had to be destroyed.

Syria was a socialist nation (free health care, free education, etc) but Assad’s neoliberal “reforms” changed that. Assad’s “reforms” resulted in government corruption, cronyism, and unemployment. Many Syrians were forced to move from rural areas to the large cities. This made unemployment even worse. Meanwhile a prolonged drought caused food prices to skyrocket. As a result, the “Arab Spring” came to Syria in 2011.

When this happened, the Western Empire decided that the time was right to destroy Syria on behalf of Israel, and to break off a third of Syria (east of the Euphrates River) for the Kurds, who are so tightly allied with Israel that the Kurds might as well be Jews. The new nation calls itself the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (commonly known as Rojava) and it serves as a permanent base for Israel, and for Israel’s cowardly little bitch (i.e. the Western Empire). This goal has been achieved.

Another goal of the Empire was to close down the Russian naval base at Tartus, and break up the alliance between Russia, Syria, and Iran. This goal has not been achieved.

The Empire began its proxy war like it always does. As peaceful demonstrators marched in the streets of Deraa, protesting high food prices and government corruption, the Empire sent in terrorist mercenaries from Jordan, which is only five miles from Deraa. The terrorist mercenaries hid on rooftops and started shooting at the civilian demonstrators in the streets below. World media outlets falsely claimed that the shooters were from the Syrian government, and the game was on. The Empire sent in hoards of additional terrorists, and called its proxy war a “civil war,’ just like the Empire did in Nicaragua and El Salvador in the 1980s.

In Central America the Empire’s staging area was Honduras. In Syria the Empire’s staging area is Jordan.