Friday, June 29, 2018

Judith Abramson - Knesset committee: Shocking photographs reveal Israeli medical experiments conducted on Jewish Yemenite children

For years, testimonies have been heard but up until now, no evidence has been published to confirm them. On Wednesday, the Knesset Special Committee on the Disappearance of Children from Yemen, the East and the Balkans were shown photographs that seem to attest to medical experiments that were conducted on Yemenite children during Israel’s early years. In one of the photographs, naked children are seen with scribbles marking where their internal organs are located.
This made new feel Ill yesterday when i read it, so much so I wouldn't put it out here. But the original article I read on Live leak was taken down by the author, so today I did a new search for it and as this came up from an Israeli newspaper written by an Israeli  journalist about the Knesset Committee probe, so I think it is okay to put out here because it can't be considered anti semetic, that's how bad things have got.   KV  
Jerusalem Online
Judith Abramson - Knesset committee: Shocking photographs reveal Israeli medical experiments conducted on Jewish Yemenite children


Konrad said...

Don’t forget the “ringworm children.” Ashkenazi Jews sterilized and gave cancer to 200,000 Yemeni children by blasting their heads and necks with X-rays that were thousands of times beyond the maximum safe dose.

Jewish butchers claimed that they were treating their child victims for “ringworm.” At least 6,000 children died shortly after being irradiated, which of course was the plan.

It’s all part of being “God’s chosen” people.

There are several documentaries about this. Here’s one…

Noah Way said...

In 1945 who would have thought that the Jews of the future would be Nazis?

Konrad said...

Regarding the “ringworm children,” some documentaries try to exonerate the Jews by claiming that they tortured and exterminated Yemeni kids on behalf of Americans who were interested in radiation effects.

In reality, the Ashkenazi Jews who invaded and occupied Palestine after WW II, and who exterminated most of the native Palestinians, wanted more Jews to come an infest Palestine, but only the right Jews, meaning Ashkenazi Jews. They discouraged Sephardic Jews from coming, and they barred many of them. And they sterilized or exterminated Arab Jews (i.e. Mizrahi Jews) such as the “ringworm children.”

To this day Israeli society has a racial caste system. Ethiopian Jews are third class citizens, and are almost as bad as the filthy subhuman Goyim (which is you and me). Ethiopian Jews are segregated from “superior” Jews (i.e. Ashkenazis) and the only job they can get is to serve as disposable cannon fodder in the Israeli military. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, the Ashkenazis sent Ethiopians out in front so they would absorb Hezbollah bullets as human shields.

To exterminate Ethiopians is to do “God’s work.” This is one reason why Israelis call their military “the world’s most moral army.”