Friday, June 15, 2018

Links — 15 June 2018

Not too much new going on in geopolitics, political economy or economics that is relevant or commentary worth citing.

So here are some links of interest for weekend reading and some listening, too.

It has successfully predicted many particles, including the Higgs Boson, and has led to 55 Nobels so far, but there’s plenty it still can’t account for….
Could the answers to those questions lie in extra dimensions, or string theory, or some other theory that hasn’t even been conceived yet? It’s possible, but without experimental proof, it’s easy to get carried away.…
… the 50th birthday party for the Standard Model was one not to miss. It made me wonder what sort of party will be organized for its 100th. Will the speakers lecture on the solution to dark energy, or laugh at our current ideas, or still be puzzling over the answer? Will gravity be brought into the Standard Model family, or remain an outcast? It will be interesting to see if even “the most successful theory ever conceived” will stand firm over the coming years, or whether physicists will find themselves modifying it in the future.
Scientific American
The Standard Model (of Physics) at 50
Yvette Cendes | astronomer at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto


It you are not already aware of Open Culture, it is a great resource.

I did not realize that Hildegard of Bingen was the first composer in the modern sense. 

She was world class in several other fields in addition to being a mystic. 

Hildegard was given the title of Doctor of the Church in 2012, joining Teresa of Avila (1970), Catherine of Siena (1970),  and Thérèse_of_Lisieux (1997)  among females thus honored, although the honor was conferred rather late.

Music was a sideline for her. Pretty amazing woman.

Open Culture
Experience the Mystical Music of Hildegard Von Bingen: The First Known Composer in History (1098 – 1179)
Josh Jones

A British elite challenged by large parts of the British population is rallying around trumped-up fear of Russia as a means of protecting its interests, as Alexander Mercouris explains.
Long and detailed. Could serve as an outline for a book.

It's also downloadable as a PDF. Scroll down to the bottom.

Consortium News
Letter From Britain: An Establishment Blinded By Russophobia
Alexander Mercouris


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