Friday, June 29, 2018

Times Headline: Fears Over Prospect of Peace

Gee, peace with Putin, what's Trump playing at, surely war is better - with thousands of troops lined up at Russia's border? Surely we are better off wasting our money and resources on military expenditure? Peace, of all things, with the risk of billions of lives perishing removed. The liberals are not happy! Trump is a badass!

Photograph source - The Off-Guardian.


Konrad said...

Evil, parasitic empires are held together by constant war. External “threats” are the glue that keeps empires from collapsing. Leaders of the empire enjoy their luxuries only as long as there are external “enemies.”

Meanwhile, we know that the Deep State is terrified by the rising power than is China. Perhaps the Deep State has ordered Trump to try and improve relations with Russia as part of the overall campaign against China, which is gradually becoming Enemy #1.

The fly in the ointment is Iran. Perhaps the Deep State wants to make an alliance with Iran as part of the overall campaign against China. However Israel objects to this, since Israel desperately needs Iran as an “enemy.” And the U.S. Empire dares not displease Israel.

Noah Way said...

Trump is pushing back. The DPRK summit - held against the will of the shadow government - emboldened him. Of course there is ZERO reporting of any Trump/Putin deal in US corporate media. Except of course for non-existent collusion.

Watch for legal actions against Trump to ramp up, we can't have some jackass going around brokering peace deals.