Thursday, June 28, 2018

Manlio Dinucci - Neocolonialism and “Migrants Crisis”

John Haidt says the working class mainly vote conservative  but one of the reasons for this is to much immigration which the working class blame on the liberals. But mass immigration  has really been the policy of the right wing neoliberals as businesses wanted cheaper labour to compete with the third world. Also, immigration pushed up demand for housing which was good for landlords and bankers as the value of rents and mortgages rose. Immigration just pushes up GDP. In the end people love money more then their county.

I have a lot of sympathy for the working class, and middle class, who don't want to see their culture change overnight. People don't like change and for good reason: for millennia nothing changed very much, hunter gatherers just learnt how to live from their parents, and if change come about it meant something had gone wrong, like a famine, drought, or war, etc. I'm a liberal who prides himself on anti-racism, but do I want to see my country become like another country overnight, hell no, I want to see other counties becoming more like my country with tollerant, diverse, liberal views. The socialists and liberal need  to cotton  onto what excessive immigration means because if they don't  they are liable to stay out of power forever.

Read below and see how neoliberal capitalism drives people around the world into poverty, which makes many of them want to immigrate to the West to get a better life leaving their families and friends behind, which can be heart breaking for them and their families. Kevin KV

From the United States to Europe, the “migrants crisis” arouses internal and international polemics about the policies to be applied to migratory flows.
Everywhere, however, they are represented according to a cliché that overturns reality: that of “rich countries” forced to suffer the increasing pressure of migration from “poor countries”.
The underlying cause is hidden: the economic system that in the world allows a small minority to accumulate wealth at the expense of the growing majority, impoverishing it and thus provoking forced emigration.
With regard to migration flows to the United States, the case of Mexico is emblematic. Its agricultural production collapsed when, with the NAFTA (the North American “free” trade agreement), the US and Canada flooded the Mexican market with cheap agricultural products thanks to their own state subsidies.
Millions of peasants were left without work, swelling the labor force recruited in the maquiladoras: thousands of industrial plants along the border line in the Mexican territory, owned or controlled mostly by US companies, in which wages are very low and union rights inexistent. In a country where around half of the population lives in poverty, the mass of those seeking to enter the United States has increased.


Konrad said...

Q. Why do migrants come here?
A. To escape poverty.

Q. Why can’t migrants get their own countries in order?
A. They have tried many times to do that, but the Western Empire always foils them via coups, invasions, sanctions, assassinations, blockades, rigged elections, or simply by supporting local neoliberal politicians.

The migrant crisis in Europe was created by the Western Empire’s destruction of Libya and Syria.

The migrant crisis in the USA was created by the Western Empire’s destruction of Latin American economies.


Any national leader who tries to alleviate poverty in Africa or Latin America is a “dictator” who is guilty of violating “human rights.” The “dictators” and their citizenry are in need of “humanitarian” bombing.

“We came, we saw, he died, cackle, cackle.”

"Half a million Iraqi children killed? The price was worth it, cackle. cackle."

Kaivey said...

You're as angry as me, Konrad, and most people would be if they knew the truth. But if I tell people the truth, they tend not to believe me and say I've been doing the internet too much.

Noah Way said...

The Latino immigration to El Norte has largely been driven by economic policy, most recently NAFTA.