Wednesday, June 27, 2018

McKinsey Five Fifty — The Coming Boom?

The global economy could be on the cusp of a productivity boom—and big opportunities for companies.

However, capturing the productivity potential of advanced economies may require a focus on promoting both demand and digital diffusion in addition to more traditional supply-side approaches.
McKinsey Five Fifty — A quick briefing in five—or a fifty-minute deeper dive


Konrad said...

There can be no productivity boom until bankers are brought under control, not just in one nation, but in most nations, since all nations are interdependent.

If the bankers destroy a nation, then that nation will not be able to buy imports. Thus, every nation destroyed by bankers has a ripple effect on other nations.

Noah Way said...

Booms per se have little to do with productivity. In fact the most "productive" (for lack of a better word) financial activity is using money to multiply itself with the least possible expense.