Thursday, June 21, 2018

David Law — Three scenarios for the future of geopolitics

Worth a read. More or less balanced although written by a Western establishment type. Are these the major scenarios to expect?

World Economic Forum
Three scenarios for the future of geopolitics
David Law | Senior Fellow, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces


Konrad said...

Scenario 1: The Western Empire survives

This is unlikely, since the Western Empire’s leaders cannot control their greed. They are destroying the Empire via debt bondage and rent extraction.

Scenario 2: The Western Empire is peacefully eclipsed by a rival bloc.

This is unlikely, since the Western Empire’s warmongers cannot control their evil. Through endless wars and threats of wars (including economic war) they are forcing nations outside the USA to gather into rival blocs.

Scenario 3: The Western Empire is destroyed by war.

This seems to me the most likely. The closer the Empire comes to collapsing, the more violently it will lash out at competing nations, and at its own citizenry.

Israel will try to save itself by nuking a U.S. city (or cities) and blaming it on Iran. America’s leaders may even resort to what Jews call the “Samson option” -- i.e. they might launch a nuclear war with Russia and China. (“If we are doomed, then we’ll make sure that everyone else is doomed too!”)

It is certain that the current situation will not continue. The question is not if but when.

GLH said...

"Israel will try to save itself by nuking a U.S. city " They almost did that in NY didn't they?

Noah Way said...

Scenario 4: The Western Empire escalates global conflicts into WW3, resulting in nuclear winter, mass extincts, and the accelerated end of human civilization.

Kaivey said...

Yeah, but taking the world to the brink of calamity can bring big profits for them. They are 'risk takers'.

How did it come about that psychopaths rule the world? Is it true that in primitive societies - in which there was no more than about a hundred people- people soon worked out who the psychopath was as you can only be cheated so many times, then the psychopath had to fit in our get thrown out. But in our modern societies they can drift about conning a new lot is people every time. Also, it's easier for them to move on and get to the top. And we have an economic system that rewards the most greedy, ruthless, and selfish people.