Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jesse Ventura: “Big tech monopolies will be broken up just like big telephone companies"

In a video I put out here recently (embedded), General Roger Spalding said Huawei does not value privacy and their phones can be hacked, but Apple, he added, an American company, really values its customers privacy and so go to great lengths to ensure their data is secure and safe.

So we have, 'us good, them bad' black and white mentality so typical of the right, except at night, when your asleep and Apple think you won't notice your phone slowing down, they download all for data to their HQ and then sell it to anyone who will pay for it.

Jesse Ventura says it should be made illegal for anyone to take your data without your permission, in the same way people can't use your photograph without permission. Your data should be private.

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