Monday, October 28, 2019

Ali Abunimah - Norway’s capital says it won’t buy Israeli settlement goods

Five other Norwegian cities have done the same and Dublin in Ireland too, while the rest of the Irish Republic may soon follow if a bill is successful.

Norway’s capital is banning goods and services from Israeli settlements from public contracts.
The ban on purchases from Israel’s colonies on occupied Palestinian land is contained in the platform of the Oslo city council’s new ruling coalition.
In their 2019-2023 plan, the Socialist Left, Green and Labor parties commit to ensuring that public procurement does not include “goods and services produced on territory occupied in violation of international law by companies operating under the permission of the occupying power.”
The Electronic Intifada


Ryan Harris said...

Every week Europeans get more and more anti zionist. I wonder what has changed in the last few years.

S400 said...

So Ryan don’t understand that this has to do with the territory occupied in violation of international law.

Matt Franko said...

I wonder was your hero Bernie’s kibbutz on occupation territory?

Matt Franko said...

Says near Haifa: