Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bloomberg - China Is Striving for the World’s Best, Cheapest Healthcare

Bloomberg says I've used up all my free articles and has put a paywall up, but you might be able to read it.

At stake is not just the well-being of millions of Chinese people, but the future of the global healthcare industry. China has set its sights on creating a holy grail healthcare system that satisfies patients’ needs and control costs while still encouraging cutting-edge research—and the world is watching.

Whether it succeeds will affect the future of the global industry.



Peter Pan said...

National healthcare with Chinese characteristics.
Not a reinvention of the Holy Grail, but a confirmation that it is a better approach than leaving it to the market.

Hopefully China will challenge some precepts of western medicine that cause needless suffering to patients. And don't forget to invest in prevention. Promoting healthy lifestyles pays off in the long run.

hoonose said...

I wonder if China will figure out a way to help fund their HC without taxing their people death?

Kaivey said...

No, it's taxing them to life, and its much cheaper than private anyway.

hoonose said...

Nothing is cheaper than free central fiat. If used for the best interests of the people and assuming no onerous inflation.