Saturday, October 26, 2019

Colin Kalmbacher and Greg Palast - Utility Expert Claims PG&E Blackouts Are ‘All About Threatening the Judge’ in Bankruptcy Case

When the Blackouts occurred in Venezuela the right blamed socialism, well, we can certainly blame neoliberal capitalism for the blackouts in California.

Palast blasted the outages as a result of PG&E’s alleged venality — but also reserved some ire for the deregulation agendas pursued by liberal Democrats over the past few decades.
“Leaving hospitals, schools and 1 million homes without power — and that means without water — in California is the endgame of deregulation mania,” the former utilities investigator and current journalist said. “Jerry Brown, Bill Clinton and other deregulation snake-oil salesmen, and the PG&E greedster bosses, should be imprisoned for the people already burned to death.”
“Public utilities must be publicly owned,” Palast continued. “PG&E is a criminal enterprise parading as a power company. Shut them down — not us.”

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Peter Pan said...

Sue them for damages. Deregulated, private companies can be sued, no?