Monday, October 28, 2019

Ryan Saavedra - MSNBC Panel Shreds Warren: ‘Far More Extreme Than Bernie,’ ‘Disastrous For … Economy’

Is Elizabeth Warren more radical than we thought? The powers that be are really scared of her. They say Europe got rid of high taxes long ago because they didn't work. Didn't work for who? And is neoliberalism working today?

Beddoes noted that Warren’s wealth tax proposal, which would confiscate large amounts of wealth from America’s richest individuals, is an antiquated idea that many European countries abandoned a long time ago. 

Rattner jumped in, saying, “I would say it’d be disastrous for the American economy.”
“The fundamental different view she has of what capitalism is – she says she’s a capitalist, but she’s not a capitalist,” Rattner said. “She’s really a democratic socialist in some ways, and she wants to fundamentally change the role of an American company, how an American company is governed, what it’s supposed to do, in ways that I think at least would be disastrous for the American economy.”

Daily Wire

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Peter Pan said...

The higher she rises in the polls, the more "extreme" she will become.

Btw, Mayor Pete is riding high in Iowa.